10 Keys to Better Business Writing

By Priti Dadlani

I recently offered to do a business writing seminar as part of a one-hour lunch and learn.

The organizer and I were overwhelmed when 60 people signed up (we had space for 15 people max). We ended up adding three additional sessions and plan to offer more in the fall, as well as Part 2 of the seminar.

It’s heartening that so many people care about good writing and more importantly, that they want to improve their own writing. In my last post, I discussed why good writing is vital in business.

As promised, in this post I’m going to share my writing tips with you.

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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

 By Priti Dadlani

At some point in your career, you’re going to think about leaving a job or in my case, a career.

There are all sorts of reasons you might contemplate leaving: you don’t like your boss or your colleagues; the job is boring or fulfilling; you feel underpaid or unappreciated; your life circumstances or the work environment changes. The bottom line is you’re unhappy.

In my case, I was working as a national news writer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). I loved the thrill of coming up with a story idea, chasing down the interviews and finally crafting the story. I can’t lie; the added bonus was seeing my byline attached to the story. I had been working the same way for two decades, starting at The Record in Kitchener-Waterloo, my first reporting job after graduating from Ryerson University, a stint at Newsday in New York, then the Toronto Star, and finally at the CBC.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to write and read. My teachers always noted in my report cards that I excelled at both. Writing is my passion, although I don’t do it professionally any more.

My last job in journalism was at the CBC. I decided to leave because the work environment changed dramatically. The CBC introduced an overnight shift – midnight to 8 a.m. – which all writers had to rotate through.

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