10 Keys to Better Business Writing

By Priti Dadlani

I recently offered to do a business writing seminar as part of a one-hour lunch and learn.

The organizer and I were overwhelmed when 60 people signed up (we had space for 15 people max). We ended up adding three additional sessions and plan to offer more in the fall, as well as Part 2 of the seminar.

It’s heartening that so many people care about good writing and more importantly, that they want to improve their own writing. In my last post, I discussed why good writing is vital in business.

As promised, in this post I’m going to share my writing tips with you.

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Why Good Writing Matters in Your Job Search

By Priti Dadlani

If you want to stand out from other applicants for a job, polish your writing skills.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in or what job you’re applying for, being able to communicate clearly and concisely will make you shine.

“In a highly competitive technology landscape, those candidates who express themselves clearly in written form get faster consideration from the human resources person doing the preliminary screening,” says Raj Dadlani, CEO and founder of Huntech Consultants Inc..

“In nearly all the highly technical roles we are assigned by our clients, good written skills speak volumes in term of a candidate’s ability to present and document ideas, write clean and robust code, and demonstrate attention to detail.  Shoddy and careless writing is a red flag that potential recruits might have difficulty in other equally important areas, such as verbal communication and comprehension skills.”

Most technology companies now want collaboration between multi-site development centres, so it is even more imperative that candidates write clearly and concisely, adds Dadlani. Continue reading